The Parents of Marimar can’t still believe that their daughter is alreadydead

the picture (LEFT) is taken in Marimar’s Funeral Wake and the right picture is the post of one of the cyber bullies who attacked marimar last month

Surfing in Social Media websites are fun , but there are many dangerous things waiting for you if you tried to enter the darkest side of facebook , twitter and google plus , many people thought that bullying others is fun cyber bullies are the individuals that the role is to bully or bash anyone’s mistake or to comment many bad things about the personal things of their victims .

One of the example is the photo who posted by Marimar Belnadez Pattawi on Facebook last month , many people re posted her photo on Facebook and other social media websites with some bashing captions about marimar , after she noticed that her picture has been spread on the internet , she deactivated her facebook , but the worst is , her cellphone # that she used for business is already leaked on many people that many cyber bullies are texting and calling her everyday and because she suffering some heart problems the most unexpected thing happened on Marimar’s Family , Marimar suffered a major heart attack and she declared dead on May 30 , 2014 the main cause of her heart attack is depression .

How to Avoid Cyber Bullying ? , every social media websites attached some “PRIVACY SETTINGS” to every user so they can control who can see or who can communicate with them , the more publicity you made , the more chance that you will cyber bullied , this is the tips how to avoid cyber bullies .

1. Choose the person you add maybe only your relatives , classmates and personal friends .

2. Do not publicize your photos or status .

3. If some people bashed you , do not talk to them and block them immediately if they get your attention they will win .

4. Do not publicize your private info especially your phone number , cyber bullies loves to send some bad messages to you and sometimes they will call you just to bully you .

5. Cyber Bullying Act is already implemented on the philippines , so if the bullies are still there and stalking on you and if they already affect your personal life , try to call a police and report them maybe they can trace who is the one who bully you and they will arrest the bully immediately .

the tips are very simple , but it will helps you a lot because ignoring all the cyber bullies is the best weapon that you can carry on the internet .

Rest in Peace Marimar Belnadez Pattawi condolences to her family and friends

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University of the Philippines Ghost Stories


UP GHOST STORIES, SUPERNATURAL ENCOUNTERS & URBAN LEGENDS (compiled by Alexander ‘Steven’ Cruz, 81-13921)

While reading the comments in the community page “Taga-UP Diliman ka kung…” I came across these ghost (etc.) stories shared by several members. Creepy, intriguing, timeless…..enjoy…

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Photo Set


Hashtag Highlight: Protect your Melon #amelonaday

To see more photos of creative melon sightings, browse the #amelonaday hashtag and follow @digsapparel on Instagram.

When New York Instagrammer Maz McWilliams (@digsapparel) started documenting himself carrying a melon for 100 days to promote awareness for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), he did not expect it to grow into the collaborative movement it has since become.

"Everyone I know calls a melon slang for a person’s head. It has this hard exterior, a soft inside and it’s just this beautiful thing. To me, the melon is a relatable and powerful symbol for TBI awareness." When people started asking him questions about the project, he encouraged them to join in creating their own creative melon images, and the hashtag #amelonaday came to life.

This is a labor of love for Maz, who lost his brother Tim to complications from TBI in 2005. “My brother was 100% my hero, my idol. I get so emotionally overwhelmed working on this in his memory. My wife said, ‘Do you realize you’re looking your brother right in the eyes all this time and you don’t even know it?’ He is a part of everything that I do.”

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"Anong tigre ang galit? edi TI-GRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!"


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